La Mata is in the Olot neighborhood of Batet de la Serra, until recently an independent municipality in the Garrotxa.

Batet is formed by several scattered houses with nearly 300 neighbours, plus a small nucleus with the Parish of Batet, already documented on 977.

Batet is located above the nucleus of Olot, surrounded by several hills and volcanoes between 400 and 720 m high. The surrounding woods, fields and stone walls give it a unique character, very pleasant to enjoy both walking, running or just playing with your kids.

The Batet area is located inside the Parc Natural de la zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa, a protected area, and from La Mata you can reach several volcanoes nearby from the house.

La Mata is a good center to explore the area of La Garrotxa, including the Fageda d’en Jordà beech forest, the villages of Santa Pau and Besalú, or the Alta Garrotxa natural area.